We tailor pest control services to the problem at hand.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pest control.

Our integrated pest management services are tailored to fit your specific pest problem. That’s why we take the time to learn about our customers and their situations before brainstorming the best path forward.

Consultation Services

For a nominal fee, Charles Pest Control performs comprehensive in-person consultations. This process helps determine the need and possible cause of your problem, which can often be difficult to gauge over the phone. In-person consultations help us create an accurate cost estimate by allowing us to see the property, confirm the problem, and understand the kind of treatment needed.

Monthly Services

Charles Pest Control primarily performs monthly services. This differs from many other pest control companies that only perform quarterly, one-time, or bi-monthly services. Depending on the pest and severity of the situation, this irregular cadence may not be the best approach. We work with you to make sure your problem is treated consistently and effectively — so you don’t have to worry about unwanted pest visitors.

Other Services

You can trust Charles Pest Control to recommend the best treatment plan for the pest problem at hand as well as preventative measures that can be taken to help the situation. Whether it’s a one-time treatment or ongoing services, we’ll always be upfront with you about our plan. We’ll explain the rationale behind our methodology, so you can understand why we’re taking the approach we are.

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Treating pests where you live, work, play, and everywhere in between

Residential Pest Control

Speedy, safe service for your home from a courteous local team

Your home is your sanctuary. When pests invade your space, it can feel incredibly stressful — that’s why our team of expert technicians will help eliminate your pest problem and treat your home with the utmost care.

We work around your schedule to quickly rid your home of pests. We do our best to keep any disruptions of your daily routines to a minimum while also delivering safe and speedy pest control services. Not only do we perform the initial services to get rid of the pests in your home, we also offer routine maintenance pest control to make sure they stay gone.

You can trust our professionals to use safe and effective methods. We always take into account the children and pets in your home, as well as any medical considerations, when coming up with our plan of action. You’ll always be kept in the loop by our conscientious staff.

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Commercial Pest Control

Protect your business and your customers from pests

From building a positive reputation to increasing your revenue, your customers and employees are at the heart of what you do.

Pests and rodents in your business can affect the way your customers and employees view you and your company. They can also pose serious risks to the health of your employees and the safety of your property.

Preventing pest infestations and practicing proper commercial pest management should be an important part of the outstanding service you provide.

We have special expertise fighting termites and numerous other insects and pests, as well as routine pest control maintenance to make sure pests stay gone.

Charles Pest Control also performs real estate and refinance inspection reports for wood destroying insects (WDI), using the State of Oklahoma mandated ODAFF-1 form as required.

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Industrial Pest Control

Comprehensive industrial pest control for large facilities and campuses

Warehouses and storage buildings are filled with hard-to-reach spaces, tiers of shelving, high ceilings, and outdoor areas, which all provide pests with a sanctuary to grow their colonies and attack the contents and structure of your building. With an approach that relies on elimination and prevention, we’ll be able to clear out even the most severe pest problems and help prevent future infestations.

Charles Pest Control has a wide variety of experience with high-priority, high-profile accounts from various health care facilities, to manufacturing facilities, schools, retirement homes, food processing plants, and more.

Facilities management can benefit more than anyone from preventative pigeon control solutions. Preventative measures against pigeon infestations are more cost effective than reactionary cleanup costs, repairs, and labor needed to reverse pigeon damage.

We've found great success with our Integrated Pest Management plans that take advantage of baits and forms of  indirect suppression (depriving pests of food, water, and shelter). Your customers and employees won't accept pests, so Charles Pest Control works hard to ensure that your facility is pest free and healthy.

Call us for a customized maintenance plan designed to meet your building requirements, health codes, and your needs for solving pest issues and maintaining a healthy, pest-free environment.

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Charles Pest Control operates in the Northeast Oklahoma region, concentrated around the Tulsa and Bartlesville metro areas.

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